Post SVA Modifications

As many people have said, a kit car is never finished. Since my SVA test, I have made a few changes to the car and have several more planned.

Trim Falling Off

Some of the pipe lagging trim I put at the front of the car somehow managed to fall off after getting home from my SVA. I'm not quite sure how it did that as it was fixed using tie wraps!

Fitting the Number Plates

The rear number plate was quite easy to fit and just required drilling suitable holes in the mounting plate. I decided to hinge the front as I have seen several cars with damaged GRP due to the number plate grounding. Initially, I had a problem whereby the number plate folded back at speed and wouldn't return. I tried fitting a spring, but that didn't work. I now have a Z shaped piece of aluminium behind it. The wind resistance doesn't cause this to bend back, however a little more force allows it to move back safely.

Removed Front Indicator Extensions

I removed the front indicator extensions and discarded them as they are really only necessary to comply with the SVA regulations.

Fit Four Point Harnesses

The standard three point seatbelts didn't look particularly good, so I replaced them with a pair of Le Mans Motorsport four point harnesses complete with 'Tiger' shoulder pads. I queried whether these would have been suitable at my SVA and was told that the mounting point was 10mm higher than the minimum required, so they would have passed SVA.

Replacement Wing Mirrors

Had tachometer repaired

I took my boss out in the car, and while accelerating, noticed that the rev counter didn't go over 3000 rpm. Previously I had noticed that the rev limiter appeared to be set at 6000 rpm which seemed far too low. When switching the ignition off, the rev counter was still showing 1000 rpm. I returned the unit to ETB and the repaired unit then read double what it should have. I contacted ETB again and they sent me a brand new unit. This works perfectly and the soft cut rev limit now cuts in at 6500 rpm. A side effect of the faulty rev counter was that my SVA noise test was actually conducted at around 5000 rpm rather than 4125 rpm, so there was no surprise it was too loud.

Removed Polo Heater

Whilst driving the car, I started to notice a smell of coolant. I identified the cause as being a poor quality thread on the expansion tank. To solve this, I replaced the expansion tank with a new unit from a Volkswagen spares company. Whilst the system was drained, I took the opportunity to remove the Polo heater unit in anticipation of replacing it with a 12 volt hairdryer. This will also allow me to mount the expansion tank higher up in the car, increasing the height of the head of the water.

Removed Idle Air Control equipment from throttle bodies

Future Modifications

I am currently undertaking many changes to the car. Several of these are things I could have done better during the inial build, but didn't have the time, or are things that driving the car has brought to my attention. These are, in no particular order:

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