Tiger Cat 12 Fuse Loom Wiring Diagrams

These circuit diagrams have been drawn from a map made of my particular Tiger Cat 12 fuse loom. This work took me many hours to produce sitting down with the loom and a multi-meter and is entirely my own work, covered by copyright. I make no warranties as to the correctness of any of these diagrams. If you do find any mistakes, please contact me.

The use of these diagrams in other works, including any CAD drawn derivatives by 3rd parties, are still subject to the copyright of my work and are prohibited without my express permission.

On the 12 fuse loom, there are two fuse boxes, labelled AA and AB. Each of the fuse boxes has a yellow tag at one end. I have taken this end to be fuse 1.

Starting Circuit
Indicator Circuit
Lighting Circuit
Instrument Circuit
Water and Heater Circuit

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