Zetec Torque Values

The table below contain useful torque values for attaching components to the Zetec engine.

Item Torque
Alternator to Head25 Nm
Alternator to Block65 Nm
Oil PSI Switch27 Nm
Alternator Pivot Bolts25 Nm
Flywheel112 Nm
Clutch to Flywheel20 - 25 Nm
PCV to Block10 Nm
PCV Hose (flywheel end)23 Nm
Engine Mounts65 Nm
Inlet / Exhaust Stud to Head5 Nm
Inlet Manifold to Stud18 Nm
Exhaust Manifold to Stud16 Nm
Thermostat Front Housing10 Nm
Thermostat Housing to Block20 Nm
Coolant Temperature Sensor (top hole)23 Nm
Coolant Temp Gauge Sensor (bottom hole)8 Nm
Idler Pulley23 Nm
Coil Pack Bracket to Head20 Nm
Cylinder Head Temperature Sender10 Nm
Nuts to Studs on front of Cam Cover80 Nm
Mondeo Starter Motor35 Nm
Sump Plug24 Nm

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