Tiger Cat Front Leg (MacPherson Strut) Measurements

In some of the Tiger Cat build manuals, the diagram showing the location of the modified Tiger front leg (MacPherson Strut) is missing. For those without this diagram in their manuals, the image below shows the critical measurements.

Tiger front leg measurements

After many years of running the car as per the Tiger diagrams, Graham from Chester Sports Cars (Tiger's Northern Build Agent) made a forum post about how everyone who was doing it as per the measurements above was wrong and that the 95mm dimension was from the top of the hub to the top of the modified leg. I challenged him over this statement and e-mailed scans from the original build manuals from 2000 and 2001 which clearly showed the dimensions as above.

After a few e-mails back and forth, I decided to alter the front leg measurements to be 95mm from the top of the hubs to the top of the insert. This allows reducing the amount of pre-load in the springs which softens the front end up, whilst maintaining the same front ride height. This gives a far more compliant ride and significantly sharpens up the front end grip reducing understeer.

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