Ford Zetec Cooling System Diagram

Cooling System Diagram (Revision 2)

If you do not plan on installing a heater unit, then Tiger suggest you connect the exit from the 'side exit pipe' directly to the thermostat instead of placing the heater unit in-line.

Using this method, the water can bypass the radiator, thus reducing the cooling effect of the system. With a heater matrix in place, it does provide some cooling of the water in the system.

To get round this issue, you can do one of two things. Either block or heavily restrict the flow of water through this pipe. Or, block the right hand thermostat housing and the corresponding 'side exit pipe' connections so there is no connection between the two.

Please note, this diagram has been modified and is now correct for the operation of the heater and radiator bypass circuit used during warm-up. The previous version (without the "Revised" title) showed the heater connected to the wrong side of the thermostat housing.

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